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     In 1956, a group of Fostoria citizens felt there had to be a way to strengthen the City of Fostoria (located in three counties) by assisting agencies that dealt specifically with human-care needs of Fostoria residents. Out of this concern, the United Way of Fostoria was born.

     The first campaign was held in 1957, with a goal of $71,825. Headed by Campaign Chairman Nelson Cotton and Board President Duane Richardson, this dedicated group set the standard for charitable giving in Fostoria by reaching 108% of its first goal.

     While every year saw tremendous community support and contributions coupled with tireless volunteer effort, 1998 was truly an exceptional year for the annual campaign. The Campaign Cabinet set a goal of $500,000 and exceeded that goal by $3,000.

     These are only a few amazing stories of the progress and impact made by the United Way of Fostoria's Annual Campaign during its 50 years. The impact made every day within community organizations cannot even begin to be measured! An effective combination of a generous community and dedicated volunteers has helped to establish the organization as a national leader in per capita giving. 

During our history, we have achieved a performance rate of 99.60% in pledges made versus goals set. 

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